What A Product Needs To Be Organic?

Yes there are lot of questions about organic clothing. Actually organic clothing are made of sustainable fabrics and natural fibres. These are all interconnected but there is always a question on its meaning.

From veggies you buy from the market to your clothes in your closet, crops are grown organically. These are grown with GMO- Free seeds and follow practices that maintain soil health, focus on conservation of water and encourages bio diversity. So organic clothes are made up of materials that are produced from crops which are organically grown. Many modern day clothing such as organic hoodies for men, are made of organic cotton now a days and are very popular among youth.

McInce Eco Friendly Hoodie with Green Sustainable Logo

Sustainability of organic clothing:

When it comes to conventional cotton, they are produced by using 15% pesticides whereas organic cotton farming say a complete no to the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides and GMOS. So yes organic cotton is much appreciated and good for farmers, consumers and for our plant Earth as well. Organic cotton clothing is made from the cotton made in India, China and Turkey. It should be certified by GOTS or OCS certified. If you have any organic clothing, you should check the certification tag in your garment to confirm it's genuine.

Organic cotton facts:

  • It is Non GMO, no pesticides used on the crop.
  • Conserved water on crop.
  • Grown using rain water and not irrigated water.
  • No toxic chemicals used.

If these parameters are met, then only an organic cotton cloth is certified as 100% organic or recycled.

Why organic cotton is known to conserve water?

Harvesting of organic cotton does not need bulk water. It uses far less water than conventional cotton crop. It uses more sustainable type of water called “green water” which is the rain water instead of “blue water” which are pumped out from lakes, streams, rivers, glaciers or snow for irrigation purpose. So we can see organic cotton consumes 88% less water than the conventional cotton to grow.

Organic cotton are a little softer than the conventional ones when you feel it on your hand, but you still need to have a certification tag on your clothes to confirm it to be pure organic.

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