Circular Organic Fashion

Our products are designed to be returned and remade again and again so they never enter landfill, we call this Remill.

the recovered organic material is processedwhich we use to spin into new organic yarn
Worn out products are sent back, the recovered organic material is processed & spun into new organic yarn to make into brand new products.
Linear Economy
The Linear Economy is the current standard for the clothing industry. These products are headed to landfill.
Linier Tee Economy
Recycle Economy
The Recycle Economy slows down the journey of a product to landfill. But ultimately these products will still be damaging to the environment.
Recycled Tee Economy
Circular Economy
The Circular Economy is designed for products to be returned and remade again and again. This is the process we implement with Remill.
Circular Economy  

The fashion industry is a linear model where resources are taken and turned into waste. Lowering impact or buying less slows fast fashion down, but it doesn't change the outcome. The manufacturing process used to make our products is fundamentally different, because circular design is applied at every stage.

Every year 100 billion new items of clothing are produced. A truck full of clothing is burned, or buried in a landfill every second. The textiles industry is the second largest polluter in the world, and slowing fast fashion down a bit won't fix it.

But when we take the waste material at the end, and make new products from it at the start, it changes everything. That's what you can do with our products. All organic, without plastic, and it means you can wear our clothing knowing they'll never go to waste. That's what real sustainability means to us.

It's called circular fashion and it's the future, remade.

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